A Reflection of 2017

I saw a few (well, a lot of) people who are doing a reflection of last year (dang, it’s weird to say that) on their Instagram stories and I thought why not do one on my blog. So here it goes.

Last year was one of the craziest years of my life. There were a lot of ups and downs but it was a memorable year. So many things happened and the year past by so quickly that everything seems to be a blur.

First job

Beginning of this year, I got a chance to experience being a barista. I would say that I learned a lot during my time in the cafe. Not only about making drinks but also about myself and the different kinds of customers that I served. If you think that making a glass of drink is easy, think again because it takes skills, time and patience. I’m blessed to have colleagues who are patient enough to guide and teach me the proper way. I’m definitely not the fastest learner or the easiest student. But all is well and I’ve learned a few tricks.

I’ve met a few interesting customers and I have found a few of my favorites. They definitely make your day more interesting. Sometimes, I look forward to seeing them especially those regulars. You actually learn a thing or two while serving these people.

This job definitely help me discover a lot of things about myself. For an introvert like me to have conversations with random people is a HUGE thing but that does not mean that it was easy for me. It took me a while to not stutter so much while talking or even let the awkward silence be too overwhelming for me. All in all, it was an amazing 2 months.

Losing both grandfathers

In March, my maternal grandfather passed away due to some health complications. His passing was quite sudden and no one expected it. I was devastated when I got the news but after realizing that he would no longer suffer from all the complications, I was at peace.

Then in July, my paternal grandfather passed away due to old age. He was 90 years old and was also having a lot of health complications. I was there when he took the last breath and the feeling was indescribable. Firstly, I was alone with the maid who was taking care of my grandfather. Secondly, she was the one panicking while I had to make sure that I don’t faint due to anxieties. I’ve not told many people about it but I’ve decided why not share it here.

It was just a normal day and I was in my room. Then there was a knock on the door so I went and open the door to see the maid slightly panicking. She told me that my grandfather is not feeling well and that I should go downstairs to see what going on. When I went to the room, I saw my grandfather gasping for air and for a moment I stood there frozen. In my mind, I was thinking ‘oh crap! I can’t handle this. What am I suppose to do?!’ (basically panicking) and I felt slightly lightheaded too but a thought came to my mind and I said a little prayer. All I can explain was after saying that little prayer, I felt God’s peace washed over me and somehow I knew what to do. I called my dad first without getting into the details (because he still had to drive home) and he was calling the ambulance. After that, I talked to my grandfather and told him to open his eyes but the result of me asking him to open his eyes were much more powerful. A tear slide down from his eyes. He did open his eyes but his eyes were cloudy then he closed it and took his last breath. Everything around me stilled and it took me a while to realized that my grandfather has passed away. I walked out from the room and to the porch to open the gates for the ambulance then sat outside to clear my mind (because the maid was still panicking and I was still trying to keep calm and did not want to be affected by her at the moment). The ambulance came a few minutes later and confirmed the death. Then my dad came back and he took over everything.

Until this day, I’m still baffled by the peace and calmness that I had on that day. I knew that it was definitely God’s peace that was with me because in no way, shape or form would I be able to do everything that I did on that day without Him and I really thank God for being with me the entire time.

Traveling alone

This year, I traveled alone twice. The first trip was to the U.K. and the second one was to Kuala Lumpur. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it is to me. Both trips were scary but I was glad that I manage to take that huge leap. Traveling alone definitely taught me a lot of things and also discovering things about myself that I did not know I was capable of. Will I do it again? Possibly. Who knows?

Shameless plug:




I was blessed to be able to attend 2 concerts this year. One of it was Before You Exit, one of my favorite bands. Wasn’t the best concert because of the arrangement and management of the organizers but what matters the most was that I’m able to listen their music live and meet them in person (although it was only for like 0.5 seconds).

The second concert is probably the most memorable and monumental one which is Ed Sheeran. Yes, I can finally say that I’ve heard Ed Sheeran live and he was AMAZING. I may or may not have teared up a little bit during the concert because his performance was so beautiful (don’t judge me). I survived the crazy crowd without fainting too and it was all thanks to my friends who made sure that I was not trampled to death because I was short. Probably another huge accomplishment for a person with claustrophobia and anxieties.

Turning 21

I still ask myself this question everyday, “I’m 21 now?” but what’s worse is I’m turning 22 years old this year. Like how?! Oh well, that is a mystery only God knows. Anyway, what I’m suppose to say is I’m blessed to be able to celebrate my 21st birthday and it was definitely the kind of party that I had in mind. From the decorations to the cake to my dress, everything was on point. Not forgetting all my friends who took their time out just to attend my party and of course my sister and brother-in-law and other friends who flew back to Penang.

Shameless plug:



If you’re thinking that it was my marriage or that I’m thinking about it, YOU’RE WRONG. My one and only blood sister got married and how can I not put it in here when it was such a big day for all of us. Of course, *flips hair* I was her bridesmaid. It was definitely an interesting, memorable and beautiful day. I now have a brother in the family. Welcome to the crazy family, BIL!


Penang was hit by a bad flood twice this year and my house was affected by it both times. This was my first time experiencing such a bad flood in my house and to think that there are others who got it worse. We did not sleep for 24 hours during the second flood to monitor the water level. Definitely the worst times of the year but it still had to be written in here because how could we forget such a day? It was also the day where you see every Penangites unite and helped each other.


I was accepted into 3 universities in the U.K. and 1 in New Zealand last year (2017). I still can’t believe it because my results weren’t that good but hey, it’s a miracle from God and I shouldn’t question it. I do get anxieties when I think about leaving but I’m just going to leave everything into the hand of the Lord and trust Him.


It’s definitely very weird to say as a 21 years old that this year was my first time visiting Singapore especially when it’s a neighboring country but hey, better late than never right? I have to say that it’s a beautiful city and I really want to visit again.

Last but by no means least,

My own blog

This year, I took a huge step in starting my own blog. This blog may not be big or helps me earn a living but in starting this blog, it helps me to stay discipline and also the commitment that comes with it. I may not have a lot of readers to make it seem like a big deal but what’s important to me is the goals that I’ve set for myself before starting this blog to achieve. I started this blog because I wanted to have something that I can read back in the future and remember all the experience that I had.

Anyway, this post is too long and I should stop before it continue into a never ending post. Let’s hope that I can keep up with this whole writing 2 post a month thing and that this blog will stay alive.


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