The Beauty of Nature in a Small Island

As some of you may know that I hike every once a week (if the weather is good) with my father. It’s probably been like 2 years now since I’ve sadly stopped Floorball and started hiking again on almost every Sunday. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before in my first post but I’ve been hiking since I was about 4 years old so I actually do love hiking a lot.

Scan 10

We don’t usually hike on the common trail because 1) there are way too many people on that trail. 2) it’s hotter at the common trail and 3) it’s less challenging for us. So, we have three different trails that are more challenging, less people and cooler.

Every now and then, I would take pictures during the hike and I’ve managed to accumulate quite a lot of pictures. Mind you, these pictures are all taken from my phone because there is no way I’m gonna carry a huge camera while hiking. I guess this post would be sort of a compilation of pictures from my hike or should I call it a photoblog (photolog)? *shrugs*

A short post but filled with pictures of nature. Feel and take in as much ‘zen-ness’ as you can from the pictures. See you in the next blog post!


That’s a Woodpecker in action. Lol.



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