Of Amusing Moments And Happy Times

I was contemplating if I should write this post then I figured why not? It’ll be a fun one because Dexter will be in it. In case you’re wondering, Dexter is my four legged nephew who is a Jack Russell Terrier. I mean who doesn’t want to read a blog post about cute puppers? I know I do. You can follow him on Instagram for more cuteness @dexter_the_heartbreaker

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.46.13 PM

Anyway, every Chinese New Years are almost the same but since I’ve not talked about it before I figured I’ll talk about this year’s Chinese New Year. Before I start, a little back story to my family to avoid confusion (or maybe not). My grandfather is the oldest among his siblings and so is my father therefore everything is held at my house because of the Chinese tradition and out of respect, I guess. I’m sorry if I’m butchering anything up because I’m hopeless when it comes to Chinese custom and tradition. Now that we’ve cleared that up (if there was even anything that needed clearing up) I’ll swiftly move on.

So on Chinese New Year Eve, my mom and dad would wake up early in the morning to go to the wet market to collect the roasted pork belly that my dad had ordered a week before then he also picked up the main Chinese dish for lunch which was pre-made by a restaurant. It’s translated in English as ‘Chinese casserole’ and that’s all that I can explain about it. (Lol!) My mom and aunt would then heat it up while my sister, cousin and myself would just help around like setting up the table and serve the soup that was made in the morning. WE. LOVE. OUR. HERBAL. SOUP.


For dinner, we would just finish up the leftover from lunch because most of the time we would cook more than we could eat.

The next day which is the first day of CNY, my dad and I would cook his signature noodles for the relatives that would come over every year to visit and hang out till late in the afternoon. We’re talking about over 40 people who will visit.


So, it’s almost a tradition for the cousins to mess around with the camera. Every year, it’s mandatory for us to take at least 20 pictures.


We’re definitely not sponsored by Sapporo beer but hit us up if you want to sponsor us, Sapporo!


After everyone leaves and the house is cleaned, my family and I would visit my maternal grandparents then we would stay there for dinner. Next year’s CNY will be different because both my grandparents have passed away although my grandmother passed away 3 years ago, it definitely feels different without her. My grandfather on the other hand passed away just this year in March. Still missing the both of you very much, grandpa and grandma!


It was also my sister’s birthday which we did not forget but we only manage to celebrate it at night because we were so busy during the daytime. I mean it’s the thought that counts right?

That’s the end of the first day.

On the second day, the entire family would go out to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Before my paternal grandmother passed away, we would cook up a storm on the second day but now we’ve figured that it’ll be too tiring for everyone so we’ve decided to go out as a family to eat. I guess it’s more about the time spent together rather than the food or place that we’ll be.

After lunch and resting for a bit, we decided to take Dexter to the beach since the city boy has never been to one. It was quite funny to watch him figure out what sand is then came to a conclusion that he actually like it. Watching him swim in the sea is also pretty amusing. The boy had “swimming lesson” for goodness sake. (Lol!) P.s. Some of the pictures are taken by either my sister, my cousin or Mark.


Quick and short but funny story. One of the pictures taken has cost my phone to go for a dip in the sea. I’m not using the iPhone 7 therefore my phone is not waterproof. The funniest part is when my phone was dropped into the water, not only was everyone panicking but my cousin sister was holding on to my arm and pulling me. Her action has actually hindered me from going in to the water to save my phone. She did let go of my arm in the end and I saved my phone. My phone is still working fine aside from the cracked screen from another incident but that’s another embarrassing story for another day that’s not any time soon. That was definitely the highlight of the day, me trying to save my poor phone while my cousin was subconsciously stopping me from doing so.

And that ladies and gentlemen, was how my Chinese New Year for this year went. It’s quite a short post considering my last few blog post has at least a thousand words and above but those were traveling posts where at least 2 weeks worth of activities were written into one post. So, stay tuned for the next post!


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